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Many useful links for our students including resources in academics, immigration and some universities for Canadian universities and American universities.


Java Programming Language

Java API (Application Programming Interface) - a good source for Java, very useful !

Java JDK download - Please choose right one for you - Windows or Mac.

DrJava - Java IDE for students from Rice University, Texas USA.


C/C++ Programming Language - a very good source for C and C++ Programmers

Bloodshed Dev-C++ - a very good full featured C and C++ Integrated Development Environment(IDE)


Python Programming Language - where you can download Python - Python library

Wing 101 - a very good full featured Python Integrated Development Environment(IDE)


ASCII Code and Other Useful Links in Computer Science

ASCII code - You might need this for class.

University of Waterloo Canadian Computing Contest - You need this for class


Other Useful Links

The college board - Many information about US secondary education system and AP.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada - For our visa students, please check release from Immigration Canada